Romasor is one of the many small islands that dot the Bolalor Sea a few hundred miles off the most southern tip of Cathagus. Prior to becoming a territory of New Peace, Romasor was just a small fishing town whose small native population consisted mostly of Goblin and Lizardfolk.

The reason this island was taken over and colonized by New Peace almost fifty years ago is because of its location. The island is almost exactly halfway point between New Peace in the southern hemisphere and the northern part of Cathagus in the northern hemisphere. This island would be an ideal stopping off point along the long sea trade route between the northern Cathagus and New Peace. Also, Romasor was right on the doorstep of southern Cathagus a region of trade that is still relatively untapped due to cultural and political barriers.

Over the last decades it seems that Romasor has quickly transformed from backwater fishing community to a proper part of a civilized nation. Industry, especially in shipping, sprang up almost overnight in Romasor. The skyline of the city changed from squat wood and stone buildings to brick and steel skyscrapers. The money, style, and sensibility of the modern citizen of New Peace began to permeate the culture of the small island to the point that you could be walking around certain areas of the city and think that you were in mainland New Peace and not a few thousand miles away across the ocean.

However, all these things are merely a mask for the real Romasor which is filled with animosity and corruption. The native population of goblins have dwindled in number and they are marginalized and severally discriminated against by the ‘civilized’ races that have moved into Romasor since New Peace took it over. As for the Lizardfolk, most of them have left by now or have been driven out to live in the small impoverished rural parts of the island. While the Lizardfolk have mostly left the urban areas of Romasor, the small number of native goblins have attempted to adapt to the new urban landscape and most have taken up harsh low paying jobs in the factories and shipping industries in the city. However their a growing number of Goblins, and some Lizardfolk, that are not trying to adapt to their new situation, but are instead fighting back. They have formed the Romasor Liberation Front, a militant political group whose goal is to gain independence for Romasor by any means necessary.

But that is not is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to the problems in Romasor. The true Romasor is a city thriving off organized crime. When it got to rough dealing with the fuzz on mainland New Peace, the mob just came to Romasor far from the pressure of Feds and competent law enforcement. Anything illegal can be found with ease in Romasor. Slaves, prostitutes, drugs, heavy liquors, and guns are all for purchase if you got the gold. Criminal organizations from Cathagus, and rebel military groups fighting in the region stake their claim in Romasor. The stench of poverty overwhelms you the second you leave downtown and racial hatred is always at the point of bowling over into full violence

This corruption and crime has even been affected by the large military presence that New Peace has put in the city ever since they started sending troops to the war in Cathagus. In fact, the military traffic through the city has helped to increase the illegal activity in the city. Prostitution, and illegal substances are very popular among the drafted men and brings good business for the organized crime in the city


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