Extraplanar Relations and Feywild

The plane that Gangsters and Goblins takes place has a general hard stance on extraplanar interaction. Besides the political states in South Cathagus, almost all countries in the world have strong regulations on trade, travel, and communications between this plane and another. This strong regulations comes from a number of instances of invasion and harmful trade (diseases, dangerous spells, and dangerous species) during the 15th and 16th century. For a few centuries, all planar magic was completely banned in the countries of Northern and Middle Cathagus. It has been only as of recent that this kind of magic has been made legal again with licensing and strict laws governing its use.

In New Peace and its colonies, extraplanar activity is regulated and investigated by the Bureau of Extraplanar Investigation or BEI. Any illegal extraplanar immigrants or trade leaving or entering our dimension is monitored by this group. The only exception to this enforcement is in dealing with the trade of glittergold which the DBI handles.

Despite this strong regulation on extraplanar dealings, dealings with Feywild has very few restrictions on it due to its unique connection to this plane. The Feywild is like a sister plane to the plane in which the game takes place. Their are many permanent portals and small pocket areas where they bleed over into each other with the the vast majority being in South Cathagus and the “Dark Continent”. So imposing strict regulations on the flow between the two is impossible.

Feywild is a wilder and far more magically inclined dimension. The races and species that live and come from it are more magical and exotic in nature than anything this plane can produce. Most of the outsider races that have settled and built their own political states came from Feywild originally. It wasn’t unheard of people immigrating from this dimension to Feywild from time to time and trade was strong.

However, around the turn of the century most communications, trade, and travel between this plane and Feywild stopped. This wasn’t due to any action from any political entity in this plane but was instead an action originating in Feywild. Within a few years the South Cathagus Cartel, a small drug trade organization that had been around for half a decade before this, had suddenly became a major criminal empire that expanded past South Cathagus into the rest of the world. Glittergold use and addiction sky rocketed and many countries began considering it a real threat to their society.

In the last decade Feywild has mostly reopened themselves to trade with this plane and a small amount of communications has resumed. However, the mystery of what happened that made them shut themselves off so much in the first place still remains. Although some information is coming through, information about the current political or societal situation in Feywild is vague at best.

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Extraplanar Relations and Feywild

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