Chapter Two

Session Eight

The fight at the plant didn’t last long and none of the protesting workers were killed. For once John managed to escape injury and the others Danger, Leslie, and Father Joseph kept themselves in good shape. After taking a moment to help the injured and take care of their own injuries the group was ready to make their next move against this new union.

Leslie turning to Joseph as she sits resting on the ground, “Joseph, did you say that you had a lead? I wasn’t able to find anything last night to go on.”

“Yeah, there is a reporter, Truman Persons. He seems to be doing a lot of work on the Union situation. It is possible that he knows some useful information.”

“Better than nothing,” replies Leslie.

In a disgruntled voice John says, “Reporters? Always causing trouble no matter where you go. It might take some convincing to get his source out of him.”

“Yes, since stories are often money, he might be reluctant. But, I guess it depends on what guarantees or services we might offer. If we can help create a good story, he might be willing to help,” adds Joseph.

Leslie looks around for a moment, “I don’t think we can catch a cab out here. We’ll have to take the train again.”

Danger questions, “Can we catch the Centaur?”

The hands of Dimtri head back into the city from the industrial district arriving at their destination by 10:17 am. As they come out of the subway station John looks around gathering his bearings. “The newspaper building is this way.”

The newspaper’s headquarters is in the downtown business district of the city. The Romasor Courier is the largest publication in the colony of Romasor. It’s building is of a fairly new construction with a nice art deco front. As the group approaches the building Danger lifts a pair of eyeglasses from a gentleman on the street and puts them on feeling that eyeglasses are an integral part of a reporter identity.

Entering the building itself Danger goes straight to the main receptionists desk. Already feeling smarter, wearing the glasses, looks around trying to give off the image of posh, “I’m here about the Unicorn incidents.”

The receptionist looks at Danger with a confusion, “Um unicorn, sir?”

“Trying to cover up for your demon master? That’s fine, he’ll seduce me into dancing at his fancy ball soon enough, and my savior Joe here, will destroy him with the power of light!” exclaims Danger at the woman.

“Uh huh. Did you have anything else you wanted to say?”

“The goblins have snatched the unicorn horn, but the dark master won’t get away with this!” The receptionist picks up the phone, “I’ll call my dark master and tell him that you want to see him.”

“Awesome, well the Red Bull shall be driven into the sea with your help!”

The receptionist turns away from Danger and talks quietly into the phone. Not even Danger’s exceptional undead hearing could make out what she was saying. Not long after the receptionist hangs up the phone two large dragonborn’s approach Danger wearing security guard uniforms. “Agents of the Dark Master!”

“Is their a problem here?” asks one of the dragonborn.

“Are you here to escort me to your master?”

The other dragonborn replies with a well hidden chuckle only perceptible to others of his race, “Yeah, buddy. He’s outside. We’ll show you. Come on.”

Danger raises a finger with enthusiasm, “One question! If one of you always speaks the truth, but the other one always lies, who do I trust?” The two guards move to either side of Danger to escort him out of the building. Danger willingly heads toward the door with them, “Show me your Dark Master then.” Once outside the building Danger looks around and asks, “So…where is he?”

The guard that snickered at Danger earlier replies, “Go down to the street corner and step out into the street when the light turns green and you will be transported to his realm. Make sure your eyes are closed.”

Danger looks at him for a moment, “Are you lying?” Then turning to the other security guard, “What do you say?”

“Just get lost buddy.” The two dragonborn turn and walk back inside the building.

Entering the building Father Joseph, John, and Leslie take in the surroundings offered by the building. There is a mass of people moving around. The lobby is neatly furnished with a receptionist to the left of the room with a large column in the center of the room. Father Joseph and Grave split ways, and somehow meet up at the elevator. As the three of them stand at the elevator with others John turns to a woman standing next to him. “Excuse me lass, could you help me out?”

The young woman looks up at John, “Yes?”

“Could you tell me what floor I can find a Truman Persons? He writes on the union incidents quite often.”

The young woman looks a bit confused at his request and seems to hold something back, “I think he is on the 15th floor with most of the other reporters.”

Smiling, “Thank you miss.” John holds the door of the elevator open for the young woman before getting on himself with the others of his party. After stopping on several other floors the elevator stops on 15, the destination for the three inquisitors.

Walking into the lobby of the floor a receptionist calls out from behind a desk, “Can I help you?”

“Good morning, Miss. We are looking for a Mr. Persons,” answers John.

“And what business do you have with Mr. Persons?”

“It’s about some of his more prominent work on the unions.”

“Yes, he has been our main reporter on the subject until recent. You can find him on the second roll far left from your perspective.”

“Thank you for your help, Miss.”

“You’re welcome.”

At first glance his cubicle is an absolute mess. Coffee cups everywhere, papers strung up on the wall and stacked on the desk. The man seems to be busily working away and hasn’t noticed the three of you yet. Truman Persons has very greasy and messy hair. You can’t see his face yet. You notice a blanket and pillow beneath his desk. The articles on his wall half pertain to the union and the other half pertain to odd things like UFOs and cult activity. John stands there for a moment longer then says, “Truman Persons?” The man spins around in his desk letting out a scream.

“Don’t kill me! Oh…your skin isn’t green.”

John grins, “I won’t kill you…” then continuing the thought in his own mind, but I may make you scream out in pain later if you don’t give me what I want.

“What do you want, I’m very busy?”

Father Joseph notices that the guy has bags under his eyes, he smells like he hasn’t showered, and his clothes are very disheveled, and at a glance Father can see that he is a very weird kind of guy. “So…do you think the unions are connected to the feywild?”

The mans eyes widen as he shushes Father Joseph and motions the three people at his cubicle inside. The three squeeze into the small space and it is suddenly obvious to everyone that the man smells as if he hasn’t showered in weeks. “Don’t say that kind of stuff out there. The union has spies in the office. They want to kill me.”

“Then why stay here in the office day after day?” questions John.

Even more surprised Truman stares at John with a paranoid eye, “Either of you want to give him that answer?”

“Divine guidance, if you will. But consider us friends, friend,” answers Father Joseph.

After being escorted out of the building he managed to gain entrance undetected. Slipping about unnoticed it occurred to him, Brilliant! I can use the phone to call the Dark Master! With the utmost care Danger stakes out the receptionist waiting for her to step away from her phone and just in case of being recognized he takes off his eyeglasses.

His will finally breaking, the receptionist seemed to have a remarkably strong bladder, Danger approaches the her again extremely confident in his disguise. “Would you be willing to support my foundation in the Save the Unicorns program?”

The receptionist looks up a tad surprised, “Wait? How did you get back in here?” And she starts looking for security to motion over.

“You saw through my perfect disguise!” exclaims a startled Danger as he runs away and back out of the Romasor Courier. He heads down the street to a local pay phone and decides to call the front desk to serenade his arch enemy receptionist, Sheena Shirley. “S, is for the security, you called on meee. H, is for the Unicorn Horn, you hide from me…” The other end of the line clicks as she hangs up. Danger says to the phone, “Shirley you can’t be serious!”

Danger heads back towards the Courier. Slinking around the front of the building he spots a bum sitting on the corner. “Did the Dark Master cast you aside? Coins cannot replace the Unicorn Horn.” He beckons for the bum to follow him, “Come into this shady, totally out of the way, alley so that I can take your clo-I mean, give you many shiny gold pieces.”

“No, thanks buddy,” replies the old goblin.

Tempting the bum Danger notices an errand boy leave the building and another idea strikes him. IDEA! As the boy crosses in front of the alley opening, a noose is slung around his neck and he is dragged into the alley unconscious. Danger strips Jack of his clothes and takes his delivery coffee. Passing back by the bum he says, “got a shiny gold piece for you if you can tell me who loves coffee the most in this building.”

The bum looks at the gold piece shown before him and answers, “Well, I always seen this guy Truman going into the coffee place several times a day until recent then this guy from the coffee place starts going in everyday with lots of coffee.” Danger tosses the bum the gold piece, and heads once again back into the newspaper building.

Keeping his eyes low and head down he passes back by the main desk, “More coffee for Mr. Truman.”

His arch nemesis receptionist says, “Oh did you forget to drop off everything with him? I don’t think he’s left or anything so he should still be on the fifteenth floor.”

Danger replies as he heads for the elevator, “He just can’t get enough of this wonderful, slow brewed, Columbian bean, special dark production placement.” Once on the elevator he presses the button for the fifteenth floor. As the elevator opens on the fifteenth floor Danger encounters another receptionist. “More coffee for Mr. Persons.”

The receptionist of this floor, “Oh he’s still at his desk. Go on ahead.

Father Joseph continues, “I think we can protect you, but we need information. We might even be able to dig up more information for you…in fact”

“Protect me? How?”

John folding his arms across his chest, “Let’s just say we have friends in high places.”

“High places like extra terrestrials? Or gods? Or both?”

“I did say divine, after all. But, we are after the union. And if they are after you…the enemy of your enemy is your friend, yes?”

In response to the gentlemen, “I have more earthly contacts than my friend.”

“So what are you proposing? What information do you want?”

“Well, we aren’t the only ones with help from above. We want to cut the union off from their aid. But we need targets, we need the money trail, the chain of command,” replies Father Joseph while John thinks to himself, Give us the information or I’ll torture you for it. Oh it has been so long since I’ve done that. I could use the practice. Father continues to say, “And once we go after them, they’ll have bigger problems than you.”

“Hey! I’m not crazy! I tell you, they’ll know I did then they will kill me. They got a guy on the inside here, at least one that I’ve found.”

“Well…I could always start speaking loudly…call some attention to our little discussion…” intimidates Joseph.

“No don’t yell.”

In an attempt to keep any unwanted attention at bay, “My friend doesn’t have a silver tongue like I. But here is the deal you tell us what we want to know and we’ll give you information from inside the bureau about your UFOs.”

“Really, you’re willing to deal?” asks Truman now a little excited. “Okay I can give you some info. But you got to help me out first, please. You look like you can handle one guy, right.”

Father replies, “That depends on how long it takes I’m afraid, time is running short, and fast.”

“Easy. He’s the new guy that works in the mail room. I know he’s the guy planted here to take me out.”

“And what would you want us to do to the mail guy?” asks John.

“You take him out and it will be safe to tell you guys anything. He’s trying to kill me so anything you want as long as he can’t do that to me no more.”

“Tell you what. I’ll send my friend, Leslie here to deal with the problem,” says John as he looks across the small cubicle to Leslie. Hoping she can read what he wants done from the tone of his voice and his eyes. “And you can tell us while she’s taking care of the problem.”

“I’ll go see about it then,” says Leslie as she leaves the cubicle relieved not to have to smell that stench any longer. On her way out she passes a coffee runner heading towards Mr. Persons workspace.

“Here’s your coffee Mr. Persons,” says the coffee boy.

“Thanks Jack.”

“No problem, Mr. Persons,” answers the boy as he walks off.

John thinks for a second, “Does, Jack always bring you coffee?”

“Well I used to go to the shop across the street everyday. That is until they tired to kill me. Now I’m staying up here and I need the coffee to keep me going.”

“I see. When did ‘they’ try to kill you? And how?”

“Well, it started about a month back. The strike was in its third week by then and I had written a few stories on it. It was my car first. The brake line was cut. Nearly died. A few day later I came home, my gas was leaking in my stove. Strike a match and boom. Then I found a pen in my pocket that I’ve never seen before. I checked it magically but nothing came of that but you never know.”

“So, the gas was the last attempt?”

“I know they’ve been watching my house. Four greenskins in a car just sitting out there most of the night.”

Father Joseph mumbles, “Them…”


“We’ve encountered the four that you speak of. They are trouble, no doubt. But they can be handled,” says Joe.

“Then this new mail boy comes in a few days ago. He’s a half-orc. He’s probably working with the bum that is sitting out in the front. Both are watching me.

Getting a bit frustrated with this man John sighs, “Just thinking out loud a bit Mr. Persons. If someone wanted to kill you and they have been keeping tabs on you they would know about your coffee habit. In which case they would probably try to use your coffee to kill you.”

“But Jack wouldn’t do that? ...Unless he is a goblin in disguise? Or a mindflayer from space?”

“Or option number three. Someone pays him enough money. The world does revolve around money,” shrugs John.

“But it tastes so good, and it keeps me going. Money… Do you know how to test the coffee? Then we can know for sure.”

“Testing it wouldn’t prove anything. Only that that particular cup is not laced with anything. Does not mean a future cup would not be laced.”

Leslie appears in the opening of the cubicle, “Hey Father can I talk with you a moment?”

Truman turns and looks at Leslie, “Did something go wrong?”

Father answers, “When dealing with someone in such a manner, the burden of sin is always present.”

“Yeah, what he said.”

Stepping out of the cubicle to join Leslie, Father whispers, “What’s going on?” “The mail boy isn’t a spy.”

“Although I am not surprised honestly, are you certain? And then I must ask…what is his status now?”

“He about peed his pants when I interrogated him. He’s just a kid. I left him alone, and made sure that he would not say anything about the encounter.”

“Did you convince him to avoid the place for a little while…call in sick or something?”

“Told him to go home for the day.”

“Hm. That should suffice. I’m going to go to the restroom, then I shall be back at the cubicle.” With that Father turns and heads for the restroom.

Leslie comes back into the cubicle and says, “The priest went to the bathroom. He’ll be back.”

After making his visit to the head Father Joseph snoops around the office area. He peers into one of the glass offices on the right of the space and sees a halfling sitting behind a pile of papers and smoking a pipe. The halfling looks up and catches the priest looking into his office. “Yes?” the halfing asks motioning for the priest to come inside. “Michael Gubitosi editor and chief. You got a story Father?”

“Oh…always looking for a story hmm?”

“That’s my job and I’m guessing that a priest wouldn’t be walking around here without a good reason.”

“Oh, nothing spectacular, just a story about the plight of the lower city churches, struggling to deal with gang violence in the neighborhoods.”

“Hmm. It has a religious angle and its a local interest. Page five, three hundred words.”

“More than I hoped for, actually. It is pleasing to know that such a story is of interest to readers.”

“You can go talk to Jessica. Her desk is over there,” says Gubitosi gesturing to the the lady’s desk. “She does more street level stuff.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem, Father.” Father Joseph leaves Gubitosi’s office and walks over to Jessica’s desk to work on the article for the paper.”

John moving toward his last nerve, “So, Mr. Persons, what do you know about these Unions.” As soon as John finishes his statement Danger ports into the cubicle holding the coffee.

“Coffee?” asks Danger offering Persons the cup.

Truman screams in shock and surprise as the undead just appears in the cubicle space. “The Grim Reaper has come for me!” He cowers curling into a fetal position while sitting in his chair. “Help me out here!”

“Huh? Of this is my consultant. His name is Eric Williams.” says John nonchalantly.

“Yeah. This guys is kind of with us, unfortunately,” says Leslie shaking her head at Danger’s lack of common sense.

“I must confront the Dark Master with the Unicorns power to turn Leslie back into her original form.”

“Don’t be too afraid of Mr. Williams. He does have a bit of a scary face, but his is fairly harmless. And he is a bit into fantasy.”

“Dark masters? The Mindflayers?” asks Truman.

“Hmm, I thought he was a Demon. You could be right though! Why does he want the Unicorn’s Horn?”

“Unicorn horns grant wishes. Immortality? Ultimate power? Dangerous stuff.”

“Quite insidious!”

“Rub it the right way and maybe you get a door to Sigil. Got to find the right one of course.”

John turns to Leslie more annoyed than ever now and whispers, “I don’t think we are going to get much information now.”

Leslie sighs, “Alright enough with the fruit loop talk. Can we get a name or what?”

“The power is too tempting, restrain my morals Lez!”

“Did you get rid of the mail boy? Can you look at my coffee?”

Danger takes the coffee and drinks it, scorching his tongue in the hasty process. “Damn good, want some?” Offering the cup to Leslie.

“Fine,” says Leslie as she takes a sip of the beverage. “Wow that is a kick in the ass.”

“Indirect kiss!” shouts Danger excitedly. Leslie just sneers at Danger.

“Alright. I need some information Truman. What you asked has been done,” says John.

Danger mutters something in Deep Speech, a language foreign to John and Leslie, the language of Mindflayers to Mr. Truman, “You must be careful, his eyes are everywhere.”

Truman replies in the same language, “I know.” Then continues in common, “So he’s gone? Not going to bother me anymore? And the coffee is still good?”

“The mail boy won’t bother you again. As for the coffee, it hasn’t killed the dead guy or the girl yet. So talk.”

“Okay. So I’ve worked some sources two weeks ago and was able to get a hold of a money trail from the union to one of their major financial backers. The major backer is a heavy hitter, big time real estate mogul and he’s old money. Kobold by the name of Gunter Pramana. Guy’s a tough businessman if he can still hold on to power when this place became a colony of New Peace. I did a bit of research on the guy further. Can’t confirm this but, he might have in the past been involved with the RLA. I’m pretty sure that if he ever was he’s not now. Might have been a falling out if he was ever apart of them.”

“I see. Gunter Pramana,” repeats John obviously familiar with the name. “Do you have copies of that money trail? And the other information you gathered?”

“Yeah. I got something around here.” Truman starts riffling through the papers scattered about his workspace and under empty coffee cups. “Ah. Here it is,” handing John a folder with a wad of papers stuffed inside. John flips through the papers giving them a once over.

“So…What type of info you talking about?”

“The things that lead you to believe he was with the RLA. Also the names of his top associates and got to men if you have that.”

“Well, got a photo from ten years ago with him talking with a known general in the RLA at a restaurant. We didn’t know he was a general at the time but it was confirmed not long after. Also some smaller stuff.”

“Good that will all help.”

About this time Father appears at the cubicle, “I’m back, sorry for the delay. I had an article to work on.”

“An article? Nevermind, I’ll ask you later. Here take a look at these,” says John as he hands Joe the file.

“Very well, and you can bring me up to speed when we exit here.”

“Alright. Well, thank you Mr. Persons. You have been of help. Oh, you wouldn’t happen to know where his headquarters is? Or does he use his home?” asks John almost as if it was an after thought.

Danger offers Joe the coffee that both he and Leslie had sipped. Father tasting the coffee realizes that it has too much of a kick and it makes him snap too.

“He’s got a penthouse on the downtown coast. He has a few offices around the city with his main one in the Burgundy.”

“Thank you.”

“Good stuff huh?” says Danger as he casually drink some more of it.

“There is a stimulant other than caffeine in this coffee. Oh my…no wonder Starbucks is popular.”

“Stimulant? Like what?” asks Truman.

“Did it…make you randy Lez?” Danger asks looking at Leslie.

“Tasted a little too powerful now that I think about it,” says Leslie as she thinks back on the coffee.

“Well, you are a reporter…so here is some info for you. Their coffee seems to be laced with Scooby Snacks or a derivative thereof.”

Leslie stares Danger down, “I’d do a gibbering mouther before I’d do you.”

John laughs a bit at Father Josephs insight to the coffee. “Told you they would get at you via your coffee. Well, have a nice day Mr. Persons.” He walks out of the cubicle thankful to be done with this place and that crazed and confused gentleman.

Father takes the coffee from Danger and sets it down in front of Truman, “For evidence, I suppose.”

“Oh damn. No wonder I’ve been up all night. But Jack was such a good guy. How could he do this to me. He must be being paid off.”

“It could be corporate you know. Think about it…Scooby Snacks in their drinks to boost sales? Best coffee on the market? You don’t believe honest work is the reason do you? Well, think on that I suppose. We should be going.”

“I thought this was a new blend or something. And it was right when this whole attempt on my life mess started. Mess with my head those bastards. Thanks a lot. I’ll start drinking the office stuff.”

As the group is leaving the Courier, Danger tries once again to get past his nemesis to see the Dark Master. “One coffee delivery for the Dark Master.”

“Didn’t you already deliver the coffee…its you again!”

“Show some compassion for the dying unicorn!” shouts Danger before running out of the building.

Outside the building and a block down the street. John stops, “So, I know someone who might find this information very useful. And could possibly take care of it today. Without us have to do too much work ourselves.”

“Oh? Convenient,” replies Father.

“I just need to run by the agency and see if that package has arrived yet.”

“You should ask Leslie about that. I know she was checking out my package the other day.”

John arriving at the agency enters the office and finds Dorothy working diligently at her desk. “Good afternoon, beautiful.”

“Mr. Gave. Hello. I believe I have a package for you.”

“Ah that is great! I was hoping it would come in today.” Dorothy Willis places the package on the desk. John opens the package still talking with Dorothy, “So, how has your day been going. Not too busy I hope?”

“Not too busy.”

John give her a dashing smile, “That’s good to hear, Ms. Dorothy.” Inside the package is the credentials for an identity with the Domestic Bureau of Investigation.

“Is that the package you were looking for?”

“Oh these are marvelous. Thank you for holding on to this for me. Maybe we can have a drink tonight after work?”

Dorothy doesn’t even pause to think, “No thank you Mr. Gave. You have a good afternoon.”

“Well, that’s too bad. I am quite a dancer. In any event good afternoon, Ms. Dorothy.” Dorothy goes back to filing papers as John leaves and hails a cab for the Six’s.

Arriving at Six’s John heads greeted by the bouncer by name and allowed into the club. He heads toward the back offices and is meet halfway by Arthur Jefferson. “Mr. Grave, what brings you here?”

“I have something that might be of use. About a former RLA member causing a lot of trouble in the city.”

“That sounds like something Mr. Zieger would want to hear about. He was about to leave for lunch but I’m sure he will hear you out before going. This way.” Arthur leads John back into Zieger’s office where Zieger is putting on his hat and coat like he is about to step out. “Mr. Zieger, Mr. Grave says he has some useful information for us.”

“Mr. Grave, what do you have for me?”

“I am sorry for coming at such an awkward time. You know of the goblin, Gunter Pramana?”

“Big time axe chucker. Somehow kept his status as a big businessman despite the change in power around here. What of him?”

“Well, he is the current financer of all the current union problems. He either is or was a RLA member as well.”

“Interesting. You have any paper evidence?”

“I do,” answers John handing the file he obtained earlier to Mr. Zieger. Zieger opens it up and looks over the documents inside and smiles.

“Bank statements, offshore account, seems like a dummy corporation, maybe. And connected with the RLA you said?”

“Yes, there should be some photo evidence in there regarding that.”

“Ah here it is.”

“It’s nothing completely concrete. But enough.”

“Very good material you have here Mr. Grave. I’m sure it is to your benefit to handle this outside of the Bureau, and this information on cash flow seems to be lucrative for us and hurting an enemy in the process is a good plus. Tell your employer that you have our thanks, and I’ll send this higher up.”

“I will Mr. Zieger. I’m glad the information will be of some use.”

“Now, if you don’t have any other business I have a lunch date. Good afternoon Mr. Grave. I hope to work with you again real soon.” John follows the two gentlemen out of the office and then onto the street out front of the club where they part ways.

John having completed his task meets up with everyone outside the coal power plant that is currently employing the union members without granted authority. The entrance is guarded by a bugbear and a couple of orcs. There doesn’t seem to be any roof accessible points besides the big smoke stacks.

“Disguises are my specialty. Along with sweet talking ladies and sharpshooting. My charm is irresistible, huh Lez?” chimes in Danger.

Leslie ignoring Danger’s comment, “Guards look good. Don’t think fighting our way in is the best approach.”

“Hm…What would be the best way to get in,” contemplates John.

“I’ll use my silver tongue to convince them of the glory of god,” answers Danger as he marches up to the guards.

Father Joseph raises an eyebrow, “This should be interesting.” While John only manages to laugh at Danger’s new twist in personality.

Danger walks up to the guards and stops saying, “Have you been wronged today? Is a deific plague your wish?”

The bugbear responds, “What are you talking about and who are you?” as the other two guards come forward.

“I am but a humble androgynous elf, and messenger of god. Now, you may think yourselves downtrodden, almost ‘enslaved’. But the Jews were in the same shoes as you once!”

The bugbear pauses for a second, “Wait a second go back to the androgynous part. What does that mean?”

“Means I like to hide my awesome tits.”

“So, you’re a female?”

“In a past life, but my love forsaken me, so I changed genders to become a man.” While answering the bugbear Danger hears one of the orc guards whisper that he would tap Danger. “A true appreciator of eleven beauty! Christ will not condemn you for that!” And he flashes the guards Demi’s bra, which he is still wearing from the morning, for a moment, letting their imagination do the rest.

The other orc guards comments, “Well this is a change. All those other elfs are all teases or run away screaming.”

Danger motions to a shadowy corner of the building in a seductive manner, “The power of Christ compels you.”

The guard that mentioned he would tap Danger asks, “You don’t mind taking on all three of us?”

“Of course not, love of God is without limits!”

“Alright then let’s go.”

Another guard says as they round the corner, “Alright! Show us your chassy!”

John and the others watching the scene unfold before them feel their stomaches twist. John is the first to speak, “This is…just…I have never been so disturbed in my life…”

“I’ve said it many times, but, God definitely works in mysterious ways…”

“I think this is one way he should never work…”

“I wish I could unsee that,” comments Leslie.

“There are far worse things in this world to witness. Let’s go.”

John tries to shake the image of Danger from his mind while heading into the power plant. And Leslie tries to keep her eyes as far away from Danger as possible. Inside the three see a receptionist. John takes it upon himself to speak with her and flashes his daring smile as she asks, “Can I help you?”

“We are here to make an inspection of the facility. To make sure it is all up to federal codes,” replies John.

The receptionist looks over her appointment book. “You’re not on the list. Is this a surprise inspection?”

“Yes, it is a surprise inspection. Just to keep people on their toes you know.”

“And you have a priest with you and a very well armed woman?”

John chuckles at her intrigue. “Yes, I have had that asked of me everywhere today. The church has been working with my department to make sure certain places aren’t out of spiritual balance or some sort. And as for my female comrade, she is to make sure we don’t run into any trouble with all this union crisis going on.” Hearing John’s explanation Leslie stands taller to do her best to look even more intimidating than she is already.

“Yes, I come from Middle Cathagus, the Saint Petersburg Council, they are worried with places such as this, that the spirit worlds, they might cross over. Places with dense gathering of people are suspect. I am unfamiliar with this place, so I am with this man here. It is all to carry out the St. Petersburg edicts.”

“Oh I see. I’ll tell Mr. Lenoir you will be looking about.” the receptionist picks up her phone calling the manager relying that a group of inspectors will be touring the facility. “Everything should be taken care of. Tell me if you need anything else.”

As the three are walking through the plant John whispers to Father, “So, what should be our plan of attack? Demon gates or something…Or try and plant some kind of fake explosive? Well, demon gates may be harder to pull off, and the bomb has the problem of being discovered to be fake…”

The three enter a large smoky room atop a catwalk. From below they can feel large amounts of heat. As they walk along the catwalk the three are eyed by kobold workers. At the end of the catwalk the three descend the stairs found there. Smoky and hard to see, hot and loud is the room. The three see big hobgoblins throwing coal into the furnaces and the goblins moving around the piles while the kobolds seem to be tinkering with the equipment. Even the workers on this floor eye the newcomers as they pass.

The three make it to the end of the double rows of furnaces to what appear to be offices. A kobold approaches them that seems to be different from the others. “So who are you supposed to be? Ain’t safe walking around here.” questions the kobold.

“I’m an inspector. And you are what?”

“I’m the union rep around here.”

“Well, thank you for your consideration, but I am well aware of the situation here. Now, you are not who I am here to speak with.”

“Well, then you’ll find the manager inside. I’ll show.”

The kobold leads the three of them into a small office with a secretary, a large orc, and a door leading into the the managers office. “Oh you must be the inspector,” says the secretary upon seeing John and the others.

“Yes, I am.”

“Mr. Lenoir is in the other room if you are looking for him.”

“Yes, I would like to speak with him,”answers John as the orc appears to be sizing up the three newcomers while idly rolling his sledgehammer in his hands. John and the other move to enter the managers office and the union representative tries to follow. “Kobold.”

“Names Turner. Mr. Inspector.”

“This is no place for a representative. This is a discussion for those of actual importance.”

“Well excuse me Mr. Inspector, but I have an entire workforce to represent. I need to see that their interests are represented in matters related to the operation of this plant. If you are discussing something that affects my fellow workers then I need to hear about it. Ain’t that right Doug?”

The orc still rolling his sledgehammer replies, “That’s right.”

“This discussion does not relate to your ‘workers’. It relates to matters that are in the hands of the manager of this plant. This is not a negotiation for worker compensation. So your presence is not required. If it is you will be invited to attend this discussion.”

“I’m just as concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the people I represent and if it has to do with that then I need to be present. Ain’t that right Doug.”

“That’s right.”

“Then the manager can brief you after I have spoken with him. Other than that you are not invited to be a part of this.”

“Alright Mr. Inspector. Go ahead and have your meeting. I’ll be waiting here.”

“Good.” John and the others enter the plant manager’s office. John takes a seat in a chair in front of the desk with Leslie flanking his right and Father Joseph bracing up against the door.

“Yes, you are the inspector. So what do you want from me?” asks the manager a man in his late forties or early fifties.

“Good afternoon Mr. Lenoir. I just wanted to discuss how well these creatures are performing their jobs,” answers John.

“Well they perform their task well,” Mr. Lenoir leans over his desk and motions for John to lean in closer as well. “I don’t like seeing any tusk tooths around my plant.”

Both Father Joseph and John grin and John says, “Good, maybe we can help then. We were sent here to get rid of these creatures.”

Mr. Lenoir still speaking in a low voice, “Well I hope you have a good plan, because my hands are tied here by big scary green skinned savages.”

“Yes, still trying to come up with something that would be useful. I was hoping to cause some problems with the machinery, but I would like this place up and running still,” replies John contemplatively.

“Worry not, for God will deliver a solution, and we will carry out. That is the way of things in this world.”

“Well I hope you’re right about that.” From outside the office a clash of thunder is heard and a slight tremor lingers into the back of the building. “Would that be your divine intervention?”

“That depends on us now,” replies Father Joseph.

“Yes, I believe that would be divine intervention,” John slips his pistol out of his jacket and from his relaxed position fires a shoot through the glass wall of the office killing a worker out right. Following suit Leslie jumps through the now weakened glass with easy. And Father Joseph turns around and opens the door to the outer office and smites Doug.

Amongst the cat calls and whistles of his performance one of the orcs says, “I’m ready now,” as he drops his pants. Danger seeing this as his opportunity vanishes into the shadows of the building. “Wait, where did she go?”

“Damn it,” answers the bugbear.

“A total cock tease,” says the other orc.

The first orc looks down toward the ground. “I got to go take care of this. See you in a few minutes boys.”

Danger comes out of the shadows on the other side of the building. He giggles with glee as he spies the massive coal trucks, just waiting to be driven. Walking up to the trucks he longingly strokes the side of a truck, “What’s that baby? You drive hard and fast through anything that gets in your way?” Clamoring up into the truck and attempting to ignite the engine, his eyes are drawn to a bulldozer. His dead eyes light up even brighter as he hops down from the coal truck and rushes over to the bulldozer. Igniting the engine, “I bet that woodsy elf girl will swoon all over the sight of me in this big yellow tractor.” By some miracles of fate, Danger some how figures out how to crank the bulldozer faster than possible. He also finds a ramp and uses it to jump the bulldozer straight into a large metal door. He crashes through in spectacular fashion flattening several workers in the process. A large pill of coal cushions his landing and the resulting landslide of coal buries two other goblins.

Tales of Gangsters and Goblins
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