Chapter Three

Session Nine

Removing the savage workers from the coal plant was a success. Though the Hayworth family was more than likely going to liquidate the assets presented to them by John Grave, Gunter was still an issue that had to be dealt with. Being a playboy and socialite Gunter was always throwing parties. With little effort John was able to piece together that Gunter was throwing a party that evening at his penthouse.

“We could sneak into his place. There is a pajama party going on tonight.”

Danger laughing, “Nice…Did you score us some invitations or do we just crash the place? Or maybe you two should pick up some broads for this party. If they’re hot enough, should proved a worthy invitation.”

Leslie unexcitedly, “A pajama party…I might have to go buy something more appropriate.”

“I’m thinking an invited crash.”

“Well, I don’t see too large of a problem with it, though it may be difficult to remain geared, unless we find an alternate way to smuggle gear in,” contemplates Father Joseph.

“We should smuggle in a stripper cake, but instead of strippers, there’s explosives in it!” exclaims Danger.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that doesn’t sound like the worst idea,” says Leslie.

John considering the other who would be at the party, “No need to kill or maim innocents. We sneak Ms. Leslie in inside a cake with the weapons.”

“If you think I’m going to put on a show then you can just forget that plan!”

“I think skill with weapons and some intimidate is the only necessary show. Though I can’t speak for the thoughts and intentions of the others present…” Father Joseph trails off.

“…I never said you had to jump out of the bloody cake and strip lass. It was just a suggestion to get weapons inside the place.”

“Well, if they search the cake, would be nice to actually have a woman inside there,” supports Danger.

John turning to Father Joseph, “Yes, just being there in the middle of the night and scaring the wazz out of him would be very appropriate. Not too mention I have a feeling he is about to lose all of his finances, and possibly be target for assassination by the mobs.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll ride in the cake, but I’m not dressing up like a hussy.”

“Just in your pajamas!” exclaims Danger.

“If I’m in the cake would I even need to?”

“In case they check,” replies Danger.

“Just say that you have special breakaway chainmail. They shouldn’t ask to demonstrate…and if they do, charge high enough and they will change their minds about checking…” suggests Father Joseph to Leslie trying to make her feel better about the up coming task. “Hopefully.”

“I like that excuse.” Turning to Grave, “Can you sell that one?”

“I can sell anything if I have too.”

“Well, if someone say, draws attention to your cake, and ya know…asks you to put on a performance…you should be prepared…ya know…just in case…” says Danger as Leslie give him the evil eye that all women seem to possess.

“Or intimidate them, whips and chains and all that? Might scare off some nosy people in an emergency…” offers Joe.

“I’d rather not. But if it comes to that…”

“That’s brilliant! A sexual display of the martial arts should be up to your standings. It doen’t have you looking like a hussy.” exclaims Grave.

“You can perform the mystical “Taste of Heaven” maneuver on me,” adds Danger.

“I can kind of dance with swords. But its not sexual in nature. And no taste for you dead head.”

“I’m sure you can make it work. And if need be we could help you practice something…But I’m sure that is not what you would like to do.”

“Oh, will you be needing baby oil?” questions Danger.

“It’s probably more appropriate that if anything is to be practiced, that Demi would be helping, and not any of us…” the priest adds obviously not interested in seeing Leslie make a performance. “Anything of the implied nature…anyway.”

“The taste of heaven maneuver is a difficult move, it’s best to practice it daily.” Danger decides to attempt a demonstration on Joe and leaps into the air, trying to plant his crotch on Joesph’s face while wrapping his legs around his face. “Oh Heaven is a place on Earth!”

“Alright, how about you guys shut up for a bit and give me some time to think about this. I’m still a woman. It is my goods on display here not yours.”

“Take the time to think about it. We will try to think of some other plans if this one is not agreeable to your palette,” John answers.

“And stop that now before I cut something off!” exclaims Leslie at Danger. Father Joesph struggles in vain to remove Danger. Leslie draws her sword and prepares to force a break. Danger rolls around Joe’s neck to sit on his shoulders. Joe stumbles a bit under the shifting weight of the reveant.

“This is certainly NOT a taste heaven! Will you get off already?”

“Please for all our sakes,” adds Leslie.

Danger falls off. “So, do you need a practice target Lez?”

Leslie points her sword at Danger, “I’m fine. Now go!”

To ease his mind on the horrors inflicted upon him by Danger the priest retires to his chambers to meditate, reflect, and pray that those memories are purged from his mind. With a heavy sigh Leslie also leaves the room in search of Demi.

With everyone gone John begins work on designing a cake. While laying out the plans in his mind and drinking a cup of tea, Danger comes back down stairs dressed in a drooping towel. Placing his fullblade on the table, “Can you build a compartment for explosives…just in case?”

“I should be able to do that. This will take some time to make though. I’ll go and order a cake. It will be faster to augment an existing one than to make one from scratch here.”

The three men sat silently in the lobby of the agency. Neither Leslie or Demi has been seen for sometime. Looking over at the wall clock John sighs, setting down the now finished cup of tea. “It is almost eight. We should be leaving soon. Should we look for our la femme Nikita?” The creaking of steps is heard and the three turn to see Demi and Leslie coming down the stairs. Leslie dressed in a large overcoat.

“Alright guys, she is already to go and I taught her some moves from the old days,” Demi answers to the stares of the boys.

“Hm…it was only a suggestion…but if it will help.” Father senses her discomfort at the situation along with Danger.

Ignoring her discomfort, “did you teach her Taste of Heaven?”

“Let’s get this over with,” answers Leslie heading for the door.

Chuckling a bit, “Oh come on girl you can’t wear that jacket forever. Take it off.” And proceeding to slap her on the ass.

As frank as ever, “I still think you should oil up a bit, shows off the muscles.”

“I’ll explain were everything is hidden on the way over there,” explains John as he checks his magazine and putting on his coat.

“Alright. Just be sure to give them a show at the party,” Demi calls out at Leslie as she clutches the coat around herself heading out to the pickup truck.

The building is new. Designed with the most recent style of architecture. A warforge stands outside the building dressed as a doorman. Leslie steps out of the truck still clutching her coat about herself and walks around to the truck bed. As she steps into the cake, “Don’t get me killed, or I’ll find a way to kill you from beyond. Okay.”

“I wonder if those were my dying words too!” exclaims Danger.

“I’ll try not too. I can’t promise much, I’m not so great at the hand to hand thing,” replies John. The three of them roll the cake up to the front door. “Good evening doorman.”

“Yes. State your business.”

“Flash! AaaaAAA! Savior of the Universe!”

“We are here from Mr. Gunter’s party.”

The warforge flips through his clipboard. “I don’t see anything about a cake delivery for Mr. Pramana.”

“Well, it’s not a cake delivery, it’s a stripper delivery ya gay robot,” replies Danger.

Again the warforge flips through his clipboard. “I don’t see a stripper delivery. I have a few Courtesans on her but they already arrived.”

“You know Mr. Pramana loves his strippers, and his women in general.”

“He does enjoy his women.”

“He must have just forgot to send the information down to you. He is throwing a large party tonight,” Grave says playing on the only weakness of Pramana he knows.

“You can’t rely on these breathers for anything huh?” adds Danger.

“You are right, I’ll check with the upstairs.”

“Yeah, we always forget something. I’m not sure you should interrupt his party. He might get angry with you over disturbing him and his guests.” John says quickly not wanting to tempt fate that Gunter would turn them away.

“I’m also here for the strippers, you ever heard of the taste of heaven?”

The doorman stops for a moment. “Perhaps you’re right. Just let me check the cake first, can never be to careful.

“Of course. Go right ahead,” John says opening the cake.

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