Cathagus is not only the largest continent, but it is also holds the most densely populated and developed nations in the world. The continent is commonly broken down into three broad regions: North, Middle, and South. The level of technological development and overall standard of living is the highest in the North region and slowly declines as you go further south, with a few exceptions.

The North would be analogous with Western Europe during the early 20th century. Smaller sized highly developed nations that have been around for a long time. The countries in North Cathagus are generally constitutional monarchy’s. This region leads the rest of world in the development of new technology and trends.

The current state of the middle region of Cathagus is similar to early to mid 20th century Eastern Europe and Russia, in that the nation governments of the region are highly socialistic. This area, long ago, used to be dominated by the ‘savage’ races and their nations. Eventually they were mostly pushed out by the North seeking new territory. The ‘savage’ races mostly moved further south or integrated into the invading culture so that Middle Cathagus has a more varied assortment of races than North Cathagus.

South Cathagus has been relatively isolated from the rest of Cathagus both geographically and culturally. South Cathagus is seperated from Middle Cathagus by both a long formidable mountain range and a single connecting isthmus. By land, even today, it is very difficult to travel from middle to south or vice versa. So sea has been only viable option for trade and travel between South Cathagus and the rest of Cathagus. Culturally South Cathugus is isolated from the rest of Cathugus because of wide and stranger variety of inhabitants. Planar immigrants (such as Genasi), races originally from Feywild (such as Eladrin and Gnomes), descendants of refugee ‘savage’ races from Middle Cathagus (such as Goblins, Kobolds, and Orcs), and Dragons and their kind (such as Dragonborns). Political establishments are extremely varied depending on the area and who controls it at the time.


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