Danger H. Voltage

Will he shut his mouth up already?


“What’s with this character sheet? Damn it makes no sense.”

When one becomes an assassin, he must sacrifice part of his soul to the shadows in order to gain their powers. Some sacrifice their hearts, becoming cold blooded killers. While others sacrifice their time, gaining only 10 years at most to fulfill their goals. Danger however, sacrificed part of his mind, or in other words, his sanity. Unable to distinguish true reality anymore, he lost sight of his past life and barely lives in this one. With madness though, can come moments of perfect clarity as it the memory of a grisly past filled his mind.

A loving father of two children, a faithful husband and proud pet owner of a stupid but lovable dog, Danger had the life. He managed a small car dealership and loved to test drive them. However, before all this Danger was a hitman trained to deal swift and certain death. Was what he did just? Actually yes, he was government hired and trained. After his 100th mission though, an order to take out a guild of Nightstalker Assassins, he could retire to what was, for the most part, a normal life.

Until one day, he came home to find his past caught up with him… (More Later)

Danger H. Voltage

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