Leslie Hornsby


Tempest Fighter


Leslie was born in North Cathagus in 1834. Her father, Jonas Hornsby, was a respected entrepreneur in the business of setting up privately owned colonies abroad and her mother, Tabatha Hornsby, was his book keeper. In 1846 the family moved to the “Dark Continent” where Jonas would attempt to set up his most ambitious colony yet in the most untamed area of the world. Jonas was building the colony for a ambitious mithril mining company that had a claim to a large recently discovered deposit in the area.

The venture started out rocky and didn’t improve as things went. In 1848 Tabatha Hornsby died of Malaria, and a year later the colony was destroyed and everyone killed (included Jonas Hornsby) by hostile natives. The only one to survive was Leslie. After the hostiles had left, she was able to make her way to a already established colony on the continent where she lived on the streets for a number of years.

She eventually enlisted in the colonies militia and gain skill in fighting. She would spend 3 years in the militia before moving on to mercenary work. She would put these skills to the test a few years later when she tracked down the native village that was responsible killing her father; and with a few fellow mercenaries, burned the village to the ground and slaughter the inhabitants.

For the next several decades, Leslie travel a lot seeking out merc jobs wherever she could find them. She fought in the Drow Coal Conflicts and a number of other smaller wars over the years.

Recently she spent the first year of the current war fighting in Middle Cathagus, but her heart wasn’t in it and she eventually settled down in Romasor. She was hired by Dimtri a few years ago and has been working for him ever since.

For Leslie fighting is just a way to support herself financial. She’s never really fought for an ideal, besides revenge for her father’s death, although she desires something worth fighting for. The problem is that she just hasn’t found it. After living like this for so long she’s almost all but stop trying to find a reason and has settled into the ultimately meaningless routine of fighting for money.

Leslie Hornsby

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