The civilized world is at war. Seven years ago, the industrial nations of Cathagus took up arms against each other. Today every inch of Cathagus is a possible battlefield. Although the warfare is relegated to Cathagus landmass, the rest of the modern world has still been drawn into the conflict. Nearly every developed country in the world has some involvement in the conflict. For example: your home nation, New Peace, has joined The Nations of the Dragon, one of the two alliances in Cathagus that still remain.

In a impressive show of support, New Peace has sent a massive military force to Cathagus; and that is where you come in. You were drafted, put on a boat with gun and gear, and sent off to fight. Its been 8 months since you arrived in Cathagus and fortunately you’re not dead; but unfortunately you did something you really shouldn’t have. So now you’re locked up and being sent back to New Peace for your military trial. But first you’ll be stopping over in the New Peace colonial island city of Romasor.

From what you heard about Romasor, at first glance its not that different from the cities on mainland New Peace. Downtown is dominated by brick and steel skyscrapers. Cars and trolleys dominate the streets while the subway system dominates the traffic below. The trendy fashions of the day are well represented on the upper class residents and you can find all the modern conveniences you would expect in any other modern city. Even the entertainment is up to par with what you expect back on the mainland. It has pools halls, dance clubs, movie theaters, and even an opera house.

However, if you look past the surface shine its not hard to see the rotten core that is the true Romasor. The true Romasor is a city thriving off organized crime. When it got to rough dealing with the fuzz on mainland New Peace, the mob just came to Romasor far from the pressure of Feds and competent law enforcement. Anything illegal can be found with ease in Romasor. Slaves, prostitutes, drugs, heavy liquors, and guns are all for purchase if you got the gold. Criminal organizations from Cathagus, and rebel military groups fighting in the region stake their claim in Romasor. The stench of poverty overwhelms you the second you leave downtown and racial hatred is always at the point of bowling over into full violence. Basically Romasor is a whore in a sequin dress.

But for you, all you’ll see of Romasor is a dock and a cell wall and then you’re off to face the music.

Character Requirements

Characters must be level 1 with standard point build. They must be citizens of New Peace and were either drafted or joined the New Peace military and sent off to war in Cathagus. Also the character must have done something during the war that would get him arrested and sent back to New Peace to be tried in front of a military court.

I suggest that while you are building your character that you take a look at some of the house rules for the game. The house rules have statistics for the new weapon group Firearms and a few other small rule changes.

Gangsters and Goblins

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